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if only i could tell you
exactly what i’m thinking
it would be a great speech
abraham lincoln

nothing would i hold back
no need to supress
words from my mouth
listen till you hear this
message so clear
this is our year

close the blinds
turn the lights off
press rewind
let’s reset this heart of mine
with your touch i feel alive

can we keep this up all night?
till the sunrise
starry eyed
i can hear your pulse in time
with the moonlight
not a word

just a moment alone

i watched the moon rise as the sun set
i said my goodbyes to your face

we had some good times and some upsets
but our ship has sailed from this place

overcast skies, rain, and teardrops
used to steer clear, now i’m just lost

wishing sunshine would shine some light here
illuminate us so we could just see love

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music and site by cory etzkorn (aka sabbatical)
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made in minneapolis, mn

huge thanks to

kevin truckenmiller of quietdrive for producing the album and for singing on summertime heart and solid ground

natalie doud for rocking the chorus on moment alone

you, for lending an ear